mercredi 20 septembre 2017

Masada World Wiki

Le wiki Masada World, un endroit pour colliger tout ce qui touche aux compositions de Masada : reprises, partitions, paroles, etc.

Masada World Wiki is a companion to the Masada World site. It is designed to be a place where people can post covers, scores, facts, or other miscellany about the tunes in the Masada books.  

mercredi 13 septembre 2017

En vrac (69)

Concert :
- Abraxas, AutorYno, Garth Knox, New Morning, Paris, 28 novembre.
- AutorYno plays John Zorn, 1er décembre, File 7, Magny-le-Hongre.
- Masada Book III (Secret Chiefs, Banquet of the Spirits, Zion80), 12 avril 2018, World Music Institute.
- Bagatelles Marathon, NY Skirball, 6-7 octobre.
- Sofia Rei, Masada Book III, Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires, Argentine, 29 septembre

Photos :
- John Zorn et Siege, Saint-Vitus : 1 - 2 - 3.
- Brian Marsella Trio, JazzFestival Saalfelden.
- John Zorn (photo Billy Martin).
- John Zorn, JazzFest Sarajevo 2016.
- Arcana VIII.
- John Zorn au John Zorn at Gramercy Theatre.

Nouvelles :
- John Zorn sur une réédition de Blind Idiot God.
- Sofia Rei a fini le mixage de son volume du Masada Book III.
- La parution du coffret (11 cd) du Book Beriah serait repoussée à avril 2018.
- 5 nouvelles pièces de musique de concert : Altarpiece; As Above, So Below; Die Traumdeutung; L'Antitête; The Unseen.

Comptes-rendus :
- John Zorn & Siege + Trigger joue Bagatelles (Invisible Oranges).
- Six Litanies for Heliogabalus (Sens critique).
- There Is No More Firmament (The Free Jazz Collective).

Arcana VIII

Le huitième volume de la série Arcana paraîtra en septembre :

John Zorn: Arcana VIII: Musicians on Music -- Ten Year Anniversary Edition [#B009]

Initiated in 1997 and now in its eighth installment, John Zorn’s acclaimed Arcana series is a major source of new music theory and practice in the 21st century. To date over 250 musicians (spanning three generations) have contributed, addressing the inner workings of composing, improvising, teaching, living, touring and thinking about music via essays, manifestoes, interviews, notes, critical papers and more. This special anniversary edition presents writings spanning classical music, jazz, rock, improvisation, world music, film soundtracks and more by exciting young artists, established masters and visionary mavericks, including Jad Atoui, Steve Beresford, Per Bloland, Brian Chase, Kris Davis, Robert Dick, Rinde Eckert, Wendy Eisenberg, Harris Eisenstadt, Suzanne Farrin, Dave Fiuczynski, David Garland, Michael Gordon, Simon Hanes, Barbara Hannigan, John Hollenbeck, Matt Hollenberg, Jon Irabagon, Julian Lage, Ava Mendoza, Matt Mitchell, Nicole Mitchell, Vadim Neselovskyi, Linda May Han Oh, Shane Parish, Chris Pitsiokos, Sofia Rei, Ted Reichman, Sara Serpa, Marc Urselli, Ken Vandermark and Dan Weiss.
(Release date: September 2017)

Vidéo - Fulmer & Campbell + The Remedy of Fortune

David Fulmer et Jay Campbell parlent de la musique de John Zorn (07:15); Mivos Quartet joue The Remedy of Fortune (10:40).

Pochette - The Interpretation of Dreams

Pochette - Paimon, Book of angels vol.32


Vidéo - John Zorn, The Hermetic Organ, La Villette


lundi 21 août 2017

A paraître en octobre - Paimon, Book of Angels vol.32

Mary Halvorson Quartet: Paimon: The Book Of Angels Volume 32 [#8356]

After thirteen years and thirty-two CDs Zorn’s expansive Book of Angels project is now complete! This final installment presents the last ten unrecorded compositions from Masada Book Two and the variety, drama and lyricism is just as strong as the very first volume. Mary Halvorson, a long time Masada fan and one of the most acclaimed guitarists of her generation leads a dynamic quartet featuring Miles Okazaki, Drew Gress and Tomas Fujiwara. The music is intense, wild and incredibly varied—a beautiful and fitting conclusion to this historic Masada series—hailed as one of Zorn’s best!
(Release date: October 2017)

mercredi 19 juillet 2017

En vrac (68)

Audio :
- Extrait de Midsummer Moons.

Photos :
- John Zorn et Marc Urselli.
- Zorn et Urselli en studio.
- Coffret Masada Book 2.
- Mary Halvorson enregistre le volume 32 du Book of Angels.
- Les 31 volumes du Book of Angels.

Nouvelles :
- A venir, un 5e volume du Hermetic Organ.

Concert :
- Trigger joue les Bagatelles, 22 juillet, Brooklyn.